Sunday, June 24, 2018 10:31 AM

IMPORTANT: The 1.7 version of MGI does not automatically register the ".mgi" extension in the WebSTAR suffix mappings. After you install version 1.7, launch the WebSTAR Admin and open the Server Settings under the "Edit" menu. Under web settings, select "Suffix Mapping". Set up a new suffix for ".mgi" with the "MGI" action (to be processed by 1.x) or the "MGI2" action (to be processed by 2.x). Save the Server Settings.

Depending on your current version of MGI, these changes may apply to you:

There is a significant change in the installation process with MGI 1.6d. If you have installed a previous version of MGI, you will be prompted to overwrite the old MGI folder. If you choose not to overwrite the folder, your preferences will be kept intact. In addition, if you have installed the mgiPGP tag and do not choose to overwrite the MGI folder, your mgiPGP tag will not be deleted. If you choose to overwrite the MGI folder, you must reset your preferences. Don't forget to enter your permanent serial number when you re-install! If you do not enter your serial number, the MGI Multi-Domain Deluxe version will run in Demo mode for two-hours at a time.

Tags for Accesspoint and AuthorizeNet processing are placed in separate folders on the desktop of the server. If you wish to use those tags, copy them to the MGI Plug-Ins folder.

NOTICE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of the installer 1.5e or prior, there is a significant change in the handling of MGI databases. All databases that are created by or accessed by the tags of 1.5f and up are invisible and locked for security reasons. There is a setting in the MGI preferences file where you may disable this security if you desire.

Multiple-Domain Versions

Download MGI Multi-Domain Deluxe (runs in Demo mode with pre-installed Serial Number) 1.7c (12.5 MB)

Download MGI Multi-Domain Essentials Plus 1.7c (9.9 MB)

Download MGI Multi-Domain Essentials 1.7c (7.6 MB)

Single-Domain Versions

For the 1.7 version (and 2.x series) of MGI, we have discontinued the single-domain versions of our product. If you own a single-domain license, you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to the corresponding Multiple-Domain version. To receive your free upgrade from a single-domain version to a multiple-domain version, please contact us and we will email your upgrade serial number for the corresponding Multiple-Domain version (that you can download above).