Friday, June 22, 2018 8:50 AM

The following enhancements were made to MGI between the release of version 1.4 and the latest release of version 1.5.

New MGI Tags

mgiEncryptURL - The mgiEncryptURL tag allows you to hide the path to files for display or download and streams those files to the browser.
mgiJulianDay - The mgiJulianDay tag converts dates between Julian Dates and Standard Dates. The Julian Day is very helpful for sorting on date values.
mgiKeywordIndex - The mgiKeywordIndex tag displays information based on the client machine that accesses a page. The mgiKeywordIndex tag can be used for displaying keywords to search engine robots that access your site.
mgiVersionTracker - The mgiVersionTracker tag compares the version numbers of the MGI tags installed on your server to the latest release and provides download links for updates. A great administrative tool to keep your server up-to-date.

Enhancements to Existing MGI Tags


  • Added the "defaultValue" parameter that allows you to display a default quantity in the quantity text field or submit a default quantity for hidden submissions.
  • Added the "hidden" parameter that allows you to hide the quantity field and add items to a shopping basket by clicking the submit button only.


  • Added the displayHiddenInfo parameter that allows you to use information from the mgiConfirmOrder tag in custom emails without hidden HTML showing.


  • Added the Julian Day format.


  • Added the ability to use images to submit searches in the search format file.


  • Added the targetFileLocation parameter that allows you to perform string functions on an entire file.