MGI Domain Admin

MGI's web-based domain administration allows you to manage regions within a domain and update the domain admin username and password. Domain Admin access might be given to those individuals responsible for a domain who do not have server privileges.

To access the domain admin page, access the "" page in a web browser from one of the domain's virtual host addresses. Replace the ".xxx" suffix with any suffix that is mapped to be processed by MGI2. For example, if you have the ".mgi" extension mapped to be processed by MGI2 you would access "MGIDomainAdmin.mgi" or if you have the ".html" extension mapped to be processed by MGI2, you would access "MGIDomainAdmin.html".

The domain admin page is password-protected. When a domain is created, the Domain Admin username and password are those of the current Server Admin username and password. If the Server Admin username and/or password are changed, those changes do not apply to existing domains.

The domain admin includes two sections: Region Management, and Security. To view screen shots and instructions for using these sections of the domain admin, click any link below.

Region Management

Manage regions and specify the language, the handling of errors, file transfers, the availability of tags in each MGI module, and the global region settings for specific MGI tags.


Change the domain admin username and password.

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