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ChangePassword Mode

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Tag Syntax

The ChangePassword mode of mgiAuthenticateDB has four required parameters and three optional parameters. The tag form is:

<mgiAuthenticateDB mode="ChangePassword" 
username="Name" password="Code" newPassword="New Code" 
odbcDatasource="Source Name" 
odbcUsername="Name" odbcPassword="Password">

Required Parameters:

  • mode - The mode is the function that the mgiAuthenticateDB tag performs. In "changePassword" mode, the mgiAuthenticateDB tag replaces the user's current password with a new password.
  • username - The username is the unique login (i.e., name) of the user who wishes to change their password. The username is case-sensitive.
  • password - The password is the user's original security code. The password is case-sensitive.
  • newPassword - The newPassword is the user's new security code. The new password is case-sensitive and can consist of letters, numbers, multiple words, spaces and ASCII characters. A secure password should contain at least 8 characters and include both numbers and letters.

Optional Parameters:

  • odbcDatasource (NT only) - The odbcDatasource is the name of datasource on the server that provides access information for an external ODBC database. If the odbcDatasource parameter is included, authentication information will be queried from the specified ODBC database rather than the internal MGI database. Inquire with the server administrator for additional information about the use of ODBC databases. If you include the odbcDatasource parameter, the odbcUsername and odbcPassword parameters are required.
  • odbcUsername (NT only) - The odbcUsername is the username required to access the ODBC datasource. The odbcUsername parameter is required if you include the odbcDatasource parameter.
  • odbcPassword (NT only) - The odbcPassword is the code required to access the ODBC datasource. The odbcPassword parameter is required if you include the odbcDatasource parameter.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiAuthenticateDB mode="changePassword" 
username={mgiPostArgument name="Login"} 
password={mgiPostArgument name="OldPW"} 
newPassword={mgiPostArgument name="NewPW"}>

The changePassword mode of mgiAuthenticateDB allows users to modify their password using a simple form submission. In this example, the user entered their username, existing password and new password into a form. Those values were posted to the page containing this mgiAuthenticateDB tag and embedded in the parameters of the mgiAuthenticateDB tag.

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