Frequently Asked Forms Processing Questions

Q1. I never received a form submission. What happened to it?

A1. The email failed and is in the Failed Mail database. If an email cannot be delivered to the specified outgoing SMTP server for any reason (including incorrect email addresses, relay restrictions, or a server failure), all of the email information is stored in the Failed Mail database. The Failed Mail database can be accessed with the web-based Admin mode of the mgiSendMail tag and you may choose to edit and resend the email or delete the email.
One of the most common reasons for a failed email is relay restrictions. Due to the abudance of unsolicited emails ("spam"), email servers are protected with filters that allow and deny email based on the sender and recipient addresses. On many servers, either the sender or recipient email address must be hosted by that email server. Emails that are not sent to an address hosted by the server or received from an address hosted by the server are assumed to be "spam" and are bounced. Check with your email server administrator to make sure your emails are hosted by the server and are properly configured.
A2. The email was bounced or lost by the recipient server. Email isn't perfect, as you undoubtedly know. Many problems can occur with an email after MGI has successfully delivered the email to the email server including "bounces". If an email is returned by the recipient server (because the user is unknown, for example), the email will be returned to the sender's address and will not be returned to or stored by MGI.

Q2. Can I attach a file from my local computer to an email?

A1. Not directly. Attachments that are sent with mgiSendMail must reside on the web server, therefore you cannot directly attach a file from your local computer to an email. However, you can upload a file via HTTP file upload to your region and attach that file to an email. The HTTP file upload could occur along with the regular form submission.

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