Encrypting Orders


Please review the basic shopping online tutorial. This tutorial is an extension of the basic shopping online tutorial and explains how to encrypt shopping basket orders.

By default shopping basket orders are sent as plain text emails. To secure the order emails, encrypt them with a passphrase. The email recipient can use encryption software in their email browser or as a separate application to decrypt the order emails.

MGI Tags


  1. View the shopping basket administration page in a web browser.
  2. Edit and Save the Order Processing Options.
  3. Process an order.
  4. Decrypt the order email.

Step 1: View the shopping basket administration page in a web browser.

View the shopping basket administration page (e.g., sbadmin.mgi) in a web browser. The first screen of the web-based, administration interface displays the current shopping basket configurations (handles)

Step 2: Edit and Save the Order Processing Options.

Click the "Edit" button beside the shopping basket configuration (handle) to edit.

Click the "Edit" button beside "Order Processing Options".

Beside "PGP Encrypt Order" click the "Yes" radio button. Beside "PGP Passphrase" enter a case-sensitive phrase to use for encryption. The phrase may contain any characters including spaces. The passphrase you enter in the Order Processing Options will be used by the order recipient to decrypt order emails.
Click the "Save" button to save the changes to the shopping basket configuration. The main menu displays after the configuration is saved.

Step 3: Process an order.

Process an order from your shopping basket. The order wil be encrypted and emailed to the recipient specified in the mgiSendOrder tag.

Step 4: Decrypt the order email.

When the encrypted order is received, it will have the following format:

The spacing of the email is important and should be maintained. To decrypt the email follow the instructions for your decryption application. You may be required to copy and paste the encrypted text into the application or a separate text document. Free PGP utilities for personal use can be found at http://web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html. Commercial PGP utilities can be found at http://www.pgp.com.

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