MGI User Guide

This MGI User Guide includes:

  • Understanding MGI -- a basic overview of MGI.
  • Using MGI -- a step-by-step tutorial for typical uses of MGI in your web site.
  • Referencing MGI -- term definitions and a technical description of each MGI tag.

Understanding MGI

In the Understanding MGI section, you will understand how MGI processes the pages of your web site, how MGI handles errors in your web site, how MGI uses the MGI Data folder, and you will understand the basic structure of regular MGI tags and embedded MGI tags. Read the Understanding MGI Section first if you are a new MGI user.

Using MGI

In the Using MGI section, you will learn how to use MGI in your web site by following step-by-step instructions for typical MGI functions such as displaying banner ads, processing forms to email, searching databases, and shopping online. You will begin programming MGI immediately without memorizing every option of an MGI tag. Read the Using MGI section to get started using MGI or to review a typical MGI function.

Referencing MGI

In the Referencing MGI section, you will find a complete list of definitions and a technical reference for each MGI tag. Each MGI tag was written for a specific purpose, but you can choose tag options to customize the tag's function and you can combine tags to create new functions. Read the Referencing MGI section to customize the function of MGI for your web site.

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