The mgiAbort Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiAbort tag stops the processing of MGI tags and the display of HTML (except the final </BODY> and </HTML> tags) that occur after the mgiAbort tag on a page.

Tag Syntax

The mgiAbort tag has no required parameters and no optional parameters. The tag form is:


Required Parameters:

  • None.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiConditional lhs={mgiGet name="Check"} relationship="contains" rhs="Error">

The mgiAbort tag is commonly used in conjunction with conditional comparisons. Once the mgiAbort tag is invoked, all processing of the page stops including additional MGI tags and HTML tags (except the ending </BODY> and </HTML>) and the page is served out "as is".

In this example, the mgiAbort tag is invoked when the value of a variable named "Check" contains the phrase "Error".

Suggested Usage

  • Conditional Comparisons

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