Using MGI

In the Using MGI section, you will learn how to use MGI in your web site by following step-by-step instructions for typical MGI functions such as displaying banner ads, processing forms to email, searching databases, and shopping online. You will begin using MGI immediately without memorizing every option of an MGI tag. Read the Using MGI section to get started using MGI or to review a typical MGI function.

The functions below are organized loosely by complexity with the simple functions at the top of the list and more complex functions at the bottom of the list. If you are a new MGI user, we suggest that you start with the simple functions and try more complex functions as you gain experience with using MGI. However, depending on the amount of time you can spend learning MGI and your goals for using MGI, you may want to start with the function that is most useful to you.

Throughout the tutorials, read the Help sections (Warning, Caution, Definitions, and Tips) to avoid fatal errors and mistakes, clarify terms, and incorporate the helpful hints of experienced users into your MGI code.

Displaying Page Counters

Learn how to display text and graphic counters on a page of your web site. Learn advanced counter techniques including setting counter values, custom counter graphics and hidden counters with a separate counter summary page.

Using Web Based Email

Learn how to read, delete and send web based emails. Learn advanced email techniques including the automatic re-attempt of failed emails and downloading email from a POP server into an MGI database.

Processing Forms to Email

Learn how to send an email that contains information from a form submission. Learn advanced form processing techniques including verifying information in form fields, embedding form information in the email header, sending email attachments and sending encrypted emails.

Collecting Guestbook Entries

Learn how to collect, format and display visitors' comments and information. Learn advanced guestbook techniques including displaying guestbook entries real-time.

Displaying Banner Ads

Learn how to schedule and display banner ads using a web-based interface. Learn advanced banner ad techniques including setting a default group of banner ads.

Password Protecting Pages (Authentication)

Learn how to password protect pages with a single username and password. Learn advanced authentication techniques including database-driven password protection for separate groups of users, setting and retrieving usernames and passwords with encrypted cookies, validating the uniqueness of new usernames, and adding new usernames and passwords via a form submission.

Administering Polls and Surveys

Learn how to collect and display survey information. Learn advanced polling techniques including customizing poll results and preventing multiple poll entries by the same visitor.

Administering Online Quizzes

Learn how to administer online quizzes. Learn advanced quiz techniques including customizing quiz grading, timing quizzes, displaying quiz grades real-time and viewing, searching, and exporting quiz grades.

Embedding MGI Tags

Learn how to embed one MGI tag within another MGI tag. Learn advanced embedding techniques including multiple embedded tags using variables.

Using Variables

Learn how to set and display temporary page variables and database-driven site variables. Learn advanced variable techniques including number and boolean variable types.

Using If, Then, Else Comparisons

Learn how to make simple inline and regular if, then, else comparisons with the value of browsers, clients, cookies, the current date, form fields, post arguments, referring URLs and variables. Learn advanced conditional comparison techniques such as nested if statements.

Creating Databases

Learn how to create and modify database files, tables and fields. Learn advanced functions such as how to add new tables and fields to existing database files.

Populating Databases

Learn how to create new database records and enter information into a database fields. Learn advanced functions such as how to import records from an existing database, navigate between records, update existing records, and search for records.

Searching Databases and Displaying Results

Learn how to search database fields and display a list of matching results and detailed information for each result in the list. Learn advanced database searching techniques including the use of a separate page to display results (and detailed result information), pre-defined searches, and the dynamic display of database information without a search submission.

Shopping Online

Learn how to integrate a shopping basket system with products that are statically displayed on pages and with products that are dynamically displayed in the results list after a database search. Learn advanced online shopping techniques including customizing the shopping basket display, encrypting orders, implementing inventory control, integrating static and dynamic info basket systems (to request information on products and services rather than purchase products and services), and authorizing credit cards via Accesspoint and AuthorizeNet.

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