Using If, Then, Else Comparisons

In the Beginner Tutorial section, learn how to make simple inline and regular if, then, else comparisons with the value of browsers, clients, cookies, the current date, form fields, post arguments, referring URLs and variables. In the Advanced Tutorial section, learn advanced conditional comparison techniques such as nested if statements. In the Reference section, view a complete technical reference for each tag used to create if, then, else comparisons. In the Examples section, view an example for each beginner and advanced if, then, else tutorial. In the FAQs section, read frequently asked if, then, else questions.

Beginner If, Then, Else Tutorials

Due to customer requests, the mgiConditional tag was created as a complete if, then, else comparison solution. The mgiConditional and mgiIf tags perform the same function, but the mgiConditional tag has a simpler, more complete structure. We recommend that you use the mgiConditional tag rather than the mgiIf or mgiInlineIf tags.

Advanced If, Then, Else Tutorials

If, Then, Else Tag Reference

Frequently Asked Questions

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