The mgiComment Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiComment tag allows you to hide comments in the view source function of a web browser on the pages you serve out. MGI tags in the body of the mgiComment tags are not processed.

Tag Syntax

The mgiComment tag has a beginning tag with no required parameters and no optional parameters, a body, and an ending tag. The tag form is:

Body text

Required Parameters:

  • None.

Optional Parameters:

  • None

Example Usage and Output

The mgiComment tag completely parses out any text contained within the beginning and end tag. It allows the web designer to made notes about page design, functionality, and other page characteristics without the typical appearance of the comment in the HTML source. That eliminates things that may be proprietary from prying eyes while also greatly reducing the delivered page size particularly for heavily commented web pages.

Insert a lengthy discussion on why a particular table design was 
used, justifying your decision to other designers in your firm while
also pointing out that dissenters are obviously cretins.

This is what is seen in view source:


Suggested Usage

  • Hiding comments

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