The mgiGet Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiGet tag displays the value of a page or site variable.

Tag Syntax

The mgiGet tag has one required parameter and two optional parameters. The tag form is:

<mgiGet name="Name" scope="Page/Site" default="Text">

Required Parameters:

  • name="Name" where "Name" is the name of the variable to be displayed.

Optional Parameters:

  • scope="Page" or "Site" where "Page" indicates that the variable is only available for the page on which the mgiGet tag resides and "Site" indicates that the variable is globally available for any page or level of the web site. The default scope is "Page".
  • default="Text" where "text" is the default value displayed when the variable requested by mgiGet is blank or does not exist.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiGet name="Copyright" scope="Site">

The mgiGet in this example would display the value of the "Copyright" variable at the location of the mgiGet tag.

Copyright © 1999 Ace Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Suggested Usage

  • Variables

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