The mgiGetCookie Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiGetCookie tag displays the value of an existing cookie. (See also mgiSetCookie.)

Tag Syntax

The mgiGetCookie tag has one required parameter and one optional parameter. The tag form is:

<mgiGetCookie name="Name" useEncryption="Yes/No">

Required Parameters:

  • name="Name" where "Name" is the name of the cookie to be displayed.

Optional Parameters:

  • useEncryption="Yes" or "No" where "Yes" indicates that cookies require decryption upon retrieval and "No" indicates that cookies do not require decryption upon retrieval. The default is "No".

Example Usage and Output

Hello <mgiGetCookie name="Name"> 
Thank you for visiting our web site.

The mgiGetCookie in this example would display the value of the "Name" cookie at the location of the mgiGetCookie tag.

Hello Jim Sampson
Thank you for visiting our web site.

Suggested Usage

  • Cookies

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