The mgiKeywordIndex Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiKeywordIndex tag displays text to clients specified in the Client List. The mgiKeywordIndex can be used to display search engine keywords to search engine clients while displaying regular text to other web site visitors.

Tag Syntax

The mgiKeywordIndex tag has a beginning tag with one required parameters and no optional parameters, a body and an ending tag. The tag form is:

<mgiKeywordIndex clientListLocation="File Path">
Keyword List

Required Parameters:

  • clientListLocation="File Path" where "File Path" is the relative path to the text file (at the same level of the file structure or below) that contains the list of clients that can view the information in the body of the mgiKeywordIndex tag. The client list can be delimited or listed one per line. The incoming client string is compared with the client list. If the client list contains the incoming client string, then the body of mgiKeywordIndex is displayed. A client is the name of the user's machine that is accessing the page.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Tag Body:

  • Keyword List - The body of the mgiKeywordIndex tag should contain the information to display if the client list contains the incoming client string (a comma-delimited list of keywords if the tag is used for search engine clients).

Example Usage and Output

<mgiKeywordIndex clientListLocation="clients.txt">
Apparel, Clothing, Scarves, Hats, Winter Coats, Sweaters, Boots, Gloves,
Socks, Shirts, Jeans

In this example, search engine clients listed in the "clients.txt" file will be shown the keywords listed in the body of mgiKeywordIndex.

Suggested Usage

  • Search Engine Placement

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