The mgiPGP Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiPGP tag encrypts the information in the body of the tag with a passphrase. The PGP function requires a utility on the user's local computer to decrypt the text. Free non-commercial PGP utilities can be found at Commercial PGP utilities can be found at

Tag Syntax

The mgiPGP tag has a beginning tag with two required parameters and one optional parameters, a body and an ending tag. The tag form is:

<mgiPGP function="Function" passphraseFileLocation="File Path" 
...Information to Encrypt...

Required Parameters:

  • function="Function" where "Function" is the behavior of the mgiPGP tag. Currently, the only function is "encryptWithPhrase". The encryptWithPhrase function encrypts information in the body of the mgiPGP tag with the phrase in the passphrase file.
  • passphraseFileLocation="File Path" where "File Path" is the relative path to the passphrase file (at the current file level or below) that includes the encryption phrase. The passphrase is a text only file (although it may include hidden characters such as returns that would be necessary for decoding). The passphrase it contains can be any size. Note: the passphrase file itself or a folder in the path to the passphrase file should be password protected by a WebSTAR realm. If you administer the server, you can set the realm. If you are hosted on a virtual server, a specific folder name or file name may be required. Contact your system administrator for the required folder or file name.

Optional Parameters:

  • suppressErrorMessages="Yes/No" where "Yes" does not display an MGI error page and sends an non-encrypted email when an error occurs and "No" displays an MGI error page and does not send the email when an error occurs.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiSendMail to="" from="" 
subject="Payment" mailserver="">

<mgiPGP function="encryptWithPhrase" passphraseFileLocation="phrase.txt">

<mgiFieldContent name="Account">
<mgiFieldContent name="CreditCardType">
<mgiFieldContent name="CreditCardNumber">
<mgiFieldContent name="ExpireMonth">
<mgiFieldContent name="ExpireYear">



In this example, the mgiPGP tag is used to encrypt account payments that include credit card numbers. When an account payment is made, an encrypted email that contains the account and credit card information is sent to the accounting department. The accounting department receives the email and decrypts it using a PGP utility (see link to free utilities above).

Suggested Usage

  • Secure Order Processing

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