The mgiPostArgument Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiPostArgument tag displays the value of a form field that has been submitted with the "post" method. (See also mgiFieldContent)

Tag Syntax

The mgiPostArgument tag has one required parameter and two optional parameters. The tag form is:

<mgiPostArgument name="Field Name" function="Tag Function" 

Required Parameters:

  • name="Field Name" where "Field Name" is the exact name of the form field whose value you wish to display. If two post arguments have the same name (e.g., checkboxes and multiple select pop-up menus), a comma delimited list of all post arguemnt values for that name is displayed.

Optional Parameters:

  • function="Tag Function" where "Tag Function" is the action of the tag. The "returnAllNames" function returns a delimited list of all post argument names. The "returnAllValues" function returns a delimited list of all post argument values. The default delimiter for the "returnAllNames" and "returnAllValues" functions is a comma. The name and value delimiter may be customized by including the delimiter parameter. The default function of the mgiPostArgument tag is to display the value of the form field listed in the name parameter.
  • delimiter="Separator" where "Separator" is the character that separates each name in the "returnAllNames" function and each value in the "returnAllValues" function. The default delimiter is a comma.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiPostArgument name="Email">

In this example, a field named "Email" is included on a form. When a web site visitor completes the form, they enter "" in the "Email" field and submit the form. The following is displayed in the location of the mgiPostArgument tag:

Suggested Usage

  • Form Processing

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