The mgiSBField Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiSBField tag locates the brief description field of a product database and determines the label of the brief description text in a database-driven shopping basket.

Tag Syntax

The mgiSBField tag has 3 required parameters and no optional parameters. The tag form is:

<mgiSBField name="Label" productID="ProductID"
fieldName="Database Field">

Required Parameters:

  • name="Label" where "Label" is the label of the brief description for the product in the shopping basket.
  • productID="ProductID" where "ProductID" is the unique product identification of the product in the shopping basket.
  • fieldName="Database Field" where "Database Field" is the database field name which contains the brief description of each product. The database field name is case-sensitive.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiField name="Title" productID="<mgiGet name="Product ID">"

In this example of a book store, "Title" will appear as the label for each product's brief description (which is contained in a database field called "BookTitle"). The productID is entered dynamically from the "Product ID" database field. In the shopping basket display (mgiShoppingBasket), the description information will appear in the following format:

Suggested Usage

  • Database-Driven Shopping Basket

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