The mgiSBPopup Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiSBPopup tag creates a popup menu of product characteristics that are added to a product's brief description in a database-driven shopping basket.

Tag Syntax

The mgiSBPopup tag has a beginning tag with 2 required parameters and no optional parameters, a body, and an ending tag. The tag form is:

<mgiSBPopup name="Label" productID="ProductID">
Option 1
Option 2
Option x

Required Parameters:

  • name="Label" where "Label" is the label of the popup characteristic in the brief description display of the shopping basket (e.g. Size, Color, Format, etc.).
  • productID="ProductID" where "ProductID" is the unique product identification of the product in the shopping basket.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Tag Body:

  • Popup Options - the body of the mgiPopup tag contains the options for the product characteristic that you wish to display in the menu. Each option should appear on an individual line separated by a hard return.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiSBPopup productID="<mgiGet name="Product ID">" name="Format">

In this example of a book store, the mgiSBPopup will appear on the page in the following format:

When a product is purchased, the "Format" label and chosen value will appear in the description field of the shopping basket display (mgiShoppingBasket). The productID is entered in mgiSBPopup dynamically from the "Product ID" database field.

Suggested Usage

  • Database-Driven Shopping Basket

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