The mgiSendInfoRequest Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiSendInfoRequest tag emails info basket requests to a specified address from a specified address using a specified email server or writes info basket requests to separate text files. When the mgiSendInfoRequest tag is parsed, the specific info basket request is deleted from the MGI Shopping Basket database.

Tag Syntax

The mgiSendInfoRequest tag has three required parameters and six optional parameters. The tag form is:

<mgiSendInfoRequest to="Email Address" from="Email Address" fromName="Name"
mailServer="Server Address" subject="Email Subject" 
mode="Mode" outputFolderLocation="FolderName" pgpFunction="Function" 
passphraseFileLocation="File Path">

Required Parameters:

  • to="Email Address" where "Email Address" is the email address where info requests are sent.
  • from="Email Address" where "Email Address" is the address that appears in the "from" line of the email header.
  • mailServer="Server Address" where "Server Address" is the address of the SMTP mail server that will send the email.

Optional Parameters:

  • fromName="Name" where "Name" is the real name of the person or organization whose email is listed in the "from" parameter. Warning: Some mail servers do not allow mail to be relayed if it contains a from name.
  • subject="Email Subject" where "Email Subject" is the subject of the email that is sent. The default subject is "Online Information Request".
  • mode="Mode" where "Mode" is way each request is processed. The three modes are "emailOnly", "textFileOnly", "emailAndTextFile". The emailOnly mode creates and sends a formatted email with the request information. The textFileOnly mode writes each request to a separate text document that is named by the date and time of the request. The emailAndTextFile mode creates and sends a formatted email with the request information and writes each request to a separate text document that is named by the date and time of the request. If you choose the textFileOnly or emailAndTextFile mode, the outputFolderLocation parameter is required. The default mode is emailOnly.
  • outputFolderLocation="FolderName" where "FolderName" is the name of the folder in your directory where text file requests are kept.

Optional Request Encryption Parameters:

  • pgpFunction="Function" where "Function" is the PGP action. Currently, the only valid function is "encryptWithPhrase". The encryptWithPhrase function encrypts a request using the pass phrase listed in the pass phrase file. If the pgpFunction parameter is included, the passphraseFileLocation parameter is required.
  • passphraseFileLocation="File Path" where "File Path" is the relative location of the file that contains the pass phrase to encrypt the request. The passphrase is a text only file (although it may include hidden characters such as returns that would be necessary for decoding). The passphrase it contains can be any size. Note: the passphrase file itself or a folder in the path to the passphrase file should be password protected by a WebSTAR realm. If you administer the server, you can set the realm. If you are hosted on a virtual server, a specific folder name or file name may be required. Contact your system administrator for the required folder or file name. If the passphraseFileLocation parameter is included, the pgpFunction parameter is required

Example Usage and Output

<mgiSendInfoRequest to="" 
from="" mailserver="" 
subject="Info Request" mode="textFileOnly" 

This mgiSendInfoRequest tag will write each information request to a separate text file in the "Requests" folder. The following example represents the format of the mgiSendInfoRequest text file:

The following online information request has been received.

User Information

                  01 Name: Jeremy Smith

               02 Company: 

               03 Address: 1234 Main Blvd

                  04 City: Roanoke

                 05 State: North Dakota

                   06 Zip: 45812

                 07 Phone: 827-334-9800

                   08 Fax: 827-334-5748

                 09 Email:

              10 Comments: None.

                11 Resume: No resume currently available.

Requested Information

                       ID: 7442
                 Position: Network Engineers

                       ID: 9985
                 Position: Programmer/Analysts

Suggested Usage

  • Hard-Coded Info Baskets
  • Database-Driven Info Baskets

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