The mgiShippingInfoAP Tag

Tag Behavior

The mgiShippingInfoAP tag creates a table of shipping information including name, company, address, phone, fax and email. The values from the mgiShippingInfoAP form fields are displayed by the mgiConfirmOrderAP tag.

Tag Syntax

The mgiShippingInfoAP tag has no required parameters and no optional parameters. The tag form is:


Required Parameters:

  • None.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Form Field Names: None of the fields are required when processed by the mgiConfirmOrderAP tag.

  • sNAME - The "Name" text field.
  • sCOMPANY - The "Company" text field.
  • sADDRESS1 - The "Address" text area.
  • sCITY - The "City" text field.
  • sSTATE - The "State" select.
  • sPROVINCE - The "Province" text field.
  • sZIPCODE - The "Postal Code" text field.
  • sCOUNTRY - The "Country" select.
  • sPHONE - The "Phone" text field.
  • sFAX - The "Fax" text field.
  • sEMAIL - The "Email" text field.

Example Usage and Output


The default format of the mgiShippingInfoAP tag is:

Suggested Usage

  • Hard-Coded Shopping Baskets
  • Database-Driven Shopping Baskets

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