Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does the same banner keep appearing?

A1. You are viewing a cached copy of the page. Most browsers cache copies of the pages that you view by default. That is, browsers keep a copy of the page on your local machine so that the page loads quicker the next time you view it. However, since the page that you are viewing on subsequent "visits" is from your local machine rather than a new copy served from MGI, you will see the same banner ad each time you view the page. To avoid this problem you can change the cache settings on your browser. To view the newest copy of any page, you can force reload the page by holding down the Apple key (Mac) or Control Key (PC) while you click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser.
A2. The banner ads are unevenly "weighted". Banner ads are displayed according to an algorithm that accounts for the total number of banner ads, the length of banner ad contracts and the projected hits. Suppose two banner ads are new (i.e., no impressions) and have the same contract length, randomly the banner ad with more projected hits is more likely to be displayed than the banner ad with fewer projected hits. If the difference in projected hits is extreme in this example, then one banner ad is "weighted" more than the other and may be displayed significantly more often.
A2. All other banner ads have expired. Banner ads can be displayed for a period of time specified by the start date and end date of the contract. When the end date passes for a particular banner ad, the banner ad is no longer displayed. If all other banner ad contracts have expired, then a remaining banner ad will be displayed continuously until its contract expires or its projected hits have been fulfilled. In addition, if all banner ads in a set have expired and/or their projected hits have been fulfilled AND the defaultBannerAdSet parameter has been included in the mgiBannerAd tag, then a default banner ad may will be displayed.

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