Default Home Pages

For most web sites, there is one main page from which all other pages are linked (the "home page"). On most web servers, there is usually a single home page that is served by default when an HTML page is not specified in a URL (e.g. That default home page is usually index.html (although it may be differently specified by the system administrator). MGI is not restricted to a single default home page, however. In fact, MGI processes 18 default home page names to accommodate the naming preferences of web site designers.

The most common home page names listed below are processed in order from index.html to start.shtml until a file match is found. The first matching file is served as the default home page for a web site.

  1. index.html
  2. index.htm
  3. index.shtml
  4. home.html
  5. home.htm
  6. home.shtml
  7. default.html
  8. default.htm
  9. default.shtml
  10. welcome.html
  11. welcome.htm
  12. welcome.shtml
  13. page1.html
  14. page1.htm
  15. page1.shtml
  16. start.html
  17. start.htm
  18. start.shtml

Since the default home pages are served in order, it is important to rename any non-default files that occur in the list before the default name. For example, if your home page is named start.htm and you have a secondary page named home.htm, the home.htm page (because it occurs in MGI's list first) will be served by default instead of the start.htm page.

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