Processing MGI Tags

MGI processes all HTML files as specified by the server settings. This means that MGI scans the HTML code of every page looking for MGI tags. Tags are parsed (read by the MGI program) in a specific order -- from the top to the bottom of a page and from the inside out (i.e. the body of a tag is parsed before the rest of the tag, and embedded tags are parsed before the tags in which they reside). If an MGI tag is encountered during the scan, MGI parses the tag, replacing it with the appropriate information before the page is served (e.g. an mgiCounter tag is parsed and replaced with a string of numbers). Because MGI performs its functions before the page is served, MGI tags will not be visible to the visitor viewing the HTML source code of a page served by MGI. To avoid re-entering MGI tags, it is advisable to work with new, original HTML code only, rather than code downloaded via a browser's "Save As" command.

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